• Visit the iconic Slope Point - The Southern Most Point of NZ
  • Bask in the glory of the Cathedral Caves
  • Explore Curio Bay - Spot Dolphins, Penguins, Seals & Sea Lions
  • Check out the Petrified Fossil Forest at Low Tide
  • Take a leisurely walk into the famous McLeans Falls
  • Stop off and explore Nugget Point with its sea birds & lighthouse
  • Fall in love with the rugged Southern Coast, Surf Beaches, Wildlife & Forest!


catlins Southern Coast Tour

The Catlins is a remarkable and remote area, a must-do on any travelers list in New Zealand. 

Renowned for diverse wildlife, forest parks, rugged surf beaches, sandy bays and secluded camping spots, this area has something for everyone. 

Enjoy short scenic hikes, wildlife spotting, seclusion and abundant natural features such as waterfalls, caves, fossilized forests and sea cliffs. 

An awesome adventure for those seeking natural environments, and off the beaten track exploration.

Visit the Cathedral Caves for excellent photo opportunities, time to explore a massive cave system, and to see this unique geological formation. Unlike limestone caves that require chemical action for formation, these caves are sandstone and have been carved out as a result of constant pounding by waves. The caves can be accessed only during low tide but stay open as late as 9pm! Enjoy dinner and drinks by the beach in the evening.

On Day 2, explore Curio Bay for an exciting view of Southland's unique flora and fauna. Keep an eye on the rolling waves to spot Hector's dolphins, fur seals, and sea lions. The beaches bode opportunities to spot yellow-eyed penguins, found only on the Catlins Coast and on the Otago Peninsula. 

Those interested in surfing have the option to take a lesson or hire a board for the afternoon. Keep a sharp lookout, Curio Bay is famous for its dolphins that swim alongside surfers!

Low tide brings with it a chance to see 'one of the finest fossil forests' in the world. During the late Jurassic period, New Zealand was connected to parts of what now makes up Australia and Antarctica. Active volcanoes flooded these forests, burying the lower parts of the trees in volcanic debris. Today, the petrified forest can be explored as the waves recede during low tide; the trees appear to be normal wood but are hard as stone. Explore this incredibly interesting site as well as the beautiful coastline.



Friday 30th September - Sunday 2nd October The Catlins Tour 2.5 days $239 BOOK NOW




2.5 days.


Depart: 4pm on Day 1

Return: 7pm on Day 3


All Meals Provided


 A gear list will be provided

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A leisurely exploration and tour with an option to surf!