study tours

If you are after local expertise to facilitate a study tour to New Zealand, we think, you should look no further.


With a unique blend of specialization across education, leader development, technical adventure guiding, and tour operations - we have the expertise, knowledge and attitude that delivers every-time.


Expect responsive, timely & comprehensive support to tailor a unique program entirely to your outcomes.


Our ability to support you with outcome identification, and match these to the appropriate plethora of opportunities in New Zealand - without geographic, activity or licensing constraints across the country.


the process


Tell us what your purpose, outcomes, objectives or learning intentions are.

Then we can discuss with you a range of opportunities in New Zealand to achieve them. We will start broad ranging, then as we help you define your goals, and help identify the opportunities suited to you, then we will collaboratively arrive at a few broad concepts.



We will present itineraries that we believe achieve your goals. Based on the discovery process these itineraries will have differing subject, geographic, or activity based focus areas. The ensuing discussion and your feedback will further expand the collaborative discovery process, and allow us to agree a tailored itinerary design for you.



We will then complete the detailed planning of the itinerary. This includes administration, coordinating all the logistical aspects, auditing and risk management planning. We will supply all support for easy administration, and the documentation as required by your institution or stakeholders.



Our Customer Service & Administration Team, working with the Guides on your itinerary will deliver a seamless and memorable experience for your group. You'll be able to relax, knowing your in knowledgeable, safe and enjoyable hands.


Contact Us Now to Start Planning Your New Zealand Experience.

study areas

We offer a huge range of compatible options for your academic requirements including:

  • Ecological, Biological & Environmental Studies
  • Tourism Operations, Sustainable Tourism & Economics
  • Colonial & Early Settler History
  • Indigenous Peoples Studies, Society, Culture and Anthropological Studies
  • Agricultural, Horticultural & Agri-Business Studies
  • The Moari Landwars
  • Sports & Health (Sports Performance Academies & Institutes) Recreation and Leisure Studies
  • Recreation & Leisure Studies
  • Geography & Social Studies / Geological Studies & Disaster Management - Christchurch Earthquake
  • Glacial, Geological & Environmental Studies
  • Conservation & Environmental Studies