custom itineraries & TOURS

Faculty-led tours, school groups, academic interest group or special interest groups - we aim to provide a professional and friendly serviced with well-organised tours and plenty of local knowledge. Our tours always contain a bit of fun and entertainment tailored to the type of people participating - teenagers, students, families, or adults.

We work with educators, group facilitators, academic groups, parents and special interest groups designing custom-made itineraries to suit a whole range of interests, curriculum or time lines.


We build itineraries or deliver programming for:

  • Colleges & Universities
  • Faculty Led Study Programs
  • School Groups
  • Sports Groups
  • Businesses
  • Outbound Operators

We can provide transport, accommodation, activities, contact with experts in your field of interest, a wealth of local knowledge, and a friendly service.


We can also provide the group organizer with:

  • Marketing material to help recruit attendees
  • Risk Assessment & Management Plans for the approving governing body
  • Recommended clothing lists, country information & top tips
  • Supporting resources for participants, educators or organizers 
  • Curriculum with Supporting Teaching & Learning Resources


choose your Itinerary or program:

  • Study Abroad
  • Educational or Study Tours
  • Cultural Exchange
  • Adventure & Ski Tours
  • Incentives
  • Developmental Programs.
  • Organizer Led or Arrow Expeditions Led.

Talk to us about your timeline, budget, goals, and desired locations. We will assist you with designing and supporting your organizer led itinerary, or ask us to develop and deliver a fully facilitated program.


make additions (if any)

We are a provider of adventurous activities, approved and registered by the NZ Government to operate throughout the country:

  • Outdoor Education or Adventure Activities such as:
      • Walking, Hiking or Trekking
      • Sea Kayaking
      • White Water Rafting
      • Rock Climbing
      • Ice Climbing
      • Cycling / Mountain Biking experiences
      • Survival Experiences
  • Leadership Development Themes
      • We can structure naturally occurring leadership facilitation into the itinerary/program.
      • We can provide experienced facilitators with a range of academic or professional backgrounds to meet your needs.
  • Sight-Seeing Trips. We are an experienced registered tourism transport & tour guiding provider.
  • Cultural Activities. European, Maori & contemporary New Zealand Society. We can provide authentic experiences throughout New Zealand.
  • Institutional Exchange. Looking to visit Sports Academies, professional institutions, Schools or Universities? Allow us to create the connections, or we help facilitate your own.


Select Services

  • Accommodation Type.
  • Transportation.
  • Catering Arrangements.
  • Hosts, Guides or facilitators.
  • Iconic Tourism activity booking such as Jet Boating, Luging or Bungy Jumping
  • Social or themed evenings.


contact us

Contact us now, for support designing or preparing your trip or tour, or once you're ready to talk to us for local expertise and guidance.

We are much more than a travel agent, delivering all aspects of your experience.

Then sit back, relax, and let us take care of the memorable, enjoyable and authentic experience you're after in New Zealand.