International Cultural & Service Exchange

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We offer international groups adventure programs, both residentially from the Queenstown/Wanaka are or on an itinerary basis touring the South Island.

These are designed using an experiential philosophy based on the following components:

  • Cultural exchange,
  • Environmental or ecological service,
  • Wilderness and outdoors experiences; and,
  • Adventure travel (Diverse accommodation, transportation, and cuisine).

Our program components are balanced or prioritized according to the individual needs of the group.

We are able to provide, design, deliver, and/or support international cultural exchange and service project groups. If you are an international group seeking support with an ICEP program or visit, we can offer experience and advice to ensure you have a seamless, safe, and truly memorable experience.

We have three existing programs:

  • Best of the North. An itinerary based journey program of the North Island, focusing on diverse sightseeing and cultural exchange.
  • Best of the South. An itinerary based journey program of the South Island, focusing on adventure experiences and ecological & community service projects.
  • The Wild South. A residential program based in the exciting resort region of Queenstown, exploring in more depth the South Coast, Fiordland Wilderness Area, Southern Alps and the Southern Lakes District. This program encompasses ecological service, connects with the cultural mining and immigrant history of the greater region and powerful adventure experiences with significant natural environment based connections.

We are also able to support your program with any services, advice, or resources you need to meet your objectives. This includes customizing programs for specific objectives, durations, group size, and budgets.