Disconfinement. Climbing and mountaineering over several unauthorized pitches

Disconfinement. Climbing and mountaineering over several unauthorized pitches

This post-confinement practical guide on the resumption of physical and sports activities was expected and the Ministry of Sports has just released it this Monday late afternoon.Concerning mountain activities, hiking (distance between practitioners from 2 to 5 m depending on the pace), trail, mountain biking, paragliding or ski touring are allowed.On the other hand, important restrictions apply to vertical disciplines, mountaineering and rock climbing. These two activities may not exceed a length, which excludes long routes and mountaineering races with relays.

For the rest, the general rules were known: the activities will have to be done outdoors only, within a distance of less than 100 kms from home and limiting the gatherings to a maximum of 10 people.According to the recommendations of the High Council of Public Health, a specific physical distance between people remains an essential condition for the practice of physical activity: a minimum distance of 10 metres between two people for cycling and jogging activities and a sufficient physical distance of about 4m2 for static outdoor activities.




– Clean your hands between each test or length, with water and biodegradable soap when possible, otherwise with hydro-alcoholic gel.

– The magnesia used is liquid magnesia containing alcohol.

– Boulder climbing is only possible on low boulders with clear receptions that do not require parrying.

– The use of crash pads is strictly individual and climbing on long routes is only possible with strictly individual equipment and in respect of distance measures (1.50 meters between each climber).

– Each practitioner should only use his personal equipment (harnesses, ropes, quickdraws, belay system). If the equipment has been bought second-hand , it must be disinfected before use.

– Climbing on routes of more than one length is not allowed.

Mountain hiking

– The practice of hiking in the mountains is possible

– Extended stops at characteristic points (summit, pass) are not permitted.

– Crossing between riders must be done in accordance with the rules of distance (1.5 metres apart) Priority is given to those who climb.


Special Covid-19 special personal health kit strongly recommended, consisting of : 2 masks, 1 bottle of hydro-alcoholic gel, disinfecting wipes, 1 piece of soap, 1 garbage bag.


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