DaveGlover April2016 1

Dave G. Just wanted to get away from the crowds!

“More than what I expected”

Just wanted to get away from the crowds, do some climbing and relax for a day during my stay in Queenstown. Contacted Zach and lined up a day, they provide all the gear and everything to suit.

Hooked up with Cam on the day who was very knowledgeable about the area and NZ, and we cranked through three crags, many climbs and back in perfect time and condition for a special dinner I needed to make. Cam quickly decided to focus on footwork and balance for the day, significantly reducing the load on my arms which I really noticed at dinner (could pick up my plate, fork and glass)

Great day, amazing views of the lake, peaceful and great company , and some really useful tips, Yeah Yeah, Nah ... More than what I expected.

Sweet as!


Sounds great, lets do it!
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