Travel Insurance for Your Trip

Cover ALL your activities!

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Travel Insurance for Your Trip


Once you have made your booking we strongly advise buying travel insurance, to cover you for unexpected cancellation, or other misadventure on your travels.


Insurance specifically for adventure activities is optional.

Any travel agent, insurance broker (even credit card provider) can assist with standard insurance. This will cover you for loss of deposits, should you unexpectedly have to cancel your booking.


Finding insurance cover for adventure activities.

Most insurance policies have a total bar for some adventure activities. Extra insurance cover for mountaineering/adventure activities is made at your discretion. With New Zealand’s unique ACC system most guests do not take an extension for “adventure activities” on their insurance.


Insurance providers with mountaineering/adventure sports cover.

Here are links to some companies we have discovered. Alpine Guides does not endorse, nor is affiliated with these companies.


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