New Cave Tagged for Addition

Tight Squeezes Builds Performance & Resilience

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New Cave Tagged for Addition



Arrow Expeditions loves using adventure, nature and outdoor sport as opportunities to build our participants self leadership.  learning to control emotions, increase resilience to stress, and use sports psychology to enhance your mental and physical performance.


 A part of this for us, has included cave exploration! Not only is it incredibly fun and ecologically rewarding, but it is yet another one of the adventure settings for expanding minds and changing perspectives in our programs.


 We have been working with the NZ Department of Conservation on accessing a great new caving location, and we are excited about the progress made so far. We excitedly anticipate being able to bring this unique learning and fun location to our participants currently registering for our 2016 programmes or adventure tours!


Watch this space for more information :-)


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  • Carley, 22/01/2017 12:44am (7 months ago)

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