About Us

Arrow Expeditions - New Zealand Tours

Man on Big Hill
“We are an expedition outfitter based in Queenstown, New Zealand.”

We operate throughout New Zealand, specialising in iconic areas and locations within the South Island and in particular the wilderness or outdoor adventure areas provided by the Fiordland, Southern Lakes and Southern Alps regions.

We focus on independent travelers and private groups seeking personalised and unique adventure experiences that capture the essence of the place, people, environment or activities.


Our astute clientele pursue the extra sense of adventure or the element of difference that can only be found in bespoke experiences that delve a little further off the beaten track, or in the diversity of activities not normally offered enmass to the consumer.



Climb | Trek | Paddle | Cycle – Explore

We provide Rock and Alpine Climbing; Trekking; Kayaking & Rafting; Cycle Touring & Mountain Biking; and facilitate caving, canyoneering and pack rafting for custom designed itineraries.



Private Individuals or Small Groups

We offer activity or experience based trips from ½-3 day adventures locally around key centres such as Queenstown or Wanaka; 3-14 day wilderness adventures throughout the south island; and 14-28 day expeditionary style adventure travel experiences internationally.

We thrive on custom development of our discerning clienteles New Zealand or International Adventures.

All of our experiences or adventures are designed for beginner or intermediate travel and adventure enthusiasts, with a passion for exploration, landscapes and trying new things. If your more experienced and looking for an outfitter that knows where to go, what to take and how to tackle it then we’re for you too!



Group Sizes We cater For?

Our group’s sizes vary based on the experience; however we keep our groups smaller, generally 2-7 people.  When catering for a tour, youth,  specialist or international group we often provide for 14-24 people, however deliver adventures for up to 80 people given the time, space and resources.



When do we operate?

We are able to provide activities and experiences throughout the year! When the high treks are closed we don snow shoes or skis, when the waters colder we provide winter clothing or go somewhere warmer like the northern south island. Our shorter local activities and experiences are generally able to be offered all year round, weather dependent.